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HANDSOME AND OH, SO SWEET! A number of years ago our sweet Rudy was rescued from the streets, living by a dumpster. He has now blossomed into a wonderful kitty companion who loves to be petted, and he has the softest fur ever! Rudy can be shy in new environments, but with a little time his motor will start to purrrrr, and once he is comfortable he even likes belly rubs! Rudy enjoys playing with toys and has lived with other cats, but he plays a bit rough, and can be a little much for most cats. He seems to do well with dogs. He was born in 2008, is healthy and ready for his forever home. Rudy is really one cool cat! Rudy has a condition called IBD and is on a low dose of medication to help and he is doing great. He also eats canned food which he loves!

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