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Finn and Olso were adopted as tiny kittens. But years later when the family had health issues the two, very bonded felines, came back to Rescued Tails. It took some time, but their lucky day finally came when Cynthia saw the two on our web site. Thank you Cynthia for adopting not one, but a perfect pair!


Sweet senior Rottweiler, Chloe, waited patiently but was passed over for younger dogs time and time again. We thought she was the perfect dog, and when Emily and Joe met Chloe they thought she was perfect too! Senior dogs and cats make great companions – thank you Emily, Joe and canine brother, Boston, for adopting Chloe and giving her the wonderful forever home she deserves!


It wasn't always smooth sailing when Manny first moved in to his new home. But his family was very committed to making it work and did whatever was necessary for that to happen. Thanks so much Andrea and Jake for adopting Manny and never giving up on him!


Speedy had been sitting in a shelter in Hutchinson, MN, since November and was diagnosed with Cushings disease. The shelter didn't have the money to pay for her medical expenses, and her time there was limited. Rescued Tails offered to pay for her testing and treatment, so the shelter was then able to take Speedy to the vet and get her the medical help she needed. Meanwhile, we were desperately looking for a foster home for Speedy. We contacted a previous adopter, who had recently lost their precious dog, Gertie, to lymphoma. We asked them if they would be willing to foster Speedy for us. They met her and it was love at first sight - they ended up adopting Speedy!

It was the perfect combination of sharing resources, networking and timing, and now Speedy is living in a home for the first time in seven months. We know that she will be greatly loved and spoiled rotten! Thank you to everyone who helped Speedy and a HUGE THANK YOU to Scott and Maggie for opening up their hearts and home to help another dog in need and adopting Speedy! And a HUGE THANK YOU to John and Jill for donating the funds to cover Speedy's vet care!


Yea for Momma!!! Momma was found a few summers ago, wedged between the boards in someone's riding stable. It took an hour for them to get her free, and when they did, they discovered she was pregnant. Momma and her kittens came to Rescued Tails when the rescuer could not keep them any longer, and Momma has been waiting for her new home ever since. Yesterday she found it! Thanks to Pet Supplies Plus in Rice Lake, WI for "fostering" Momma and thanks to Jordan for giving her the home she has been waiting for!

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